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Why Use Dendra Dooors?

Dendra Doors offers beautiful hand made custom Ikea cabinet doors, drawers, open shelving & wine racks in any style you can imagine.  Each project is made specifically for each client

Custom Materials We have plenty of stock styles and materials, but we love making new custom styles and material choices just for you.
SHIP TO YOUR DOOR Our pricing includes the entire shipping cost. We deliver your doors right to your front door.
EASY TO INSTALL We provide exact same dimensions and hardware patterns that Ikea uses.
GREAT SUPPORT Our office will help guide you to correct decisions on cover panels, trim and more.

The Basics: How Use Dendra Doors and Order Ikea Cabinets


Contact Dendra Doors to figure out pricing for any natural wood, painted or laminate doors.  Dendra does specialize in natural wood finishes, painted doors and using custom laminates.


You can use your local IKEA store to order boxes and hardware and add Dendra's IKEA cabinet doors, trim and cover panels.



Ikea offers a 3D program that will let you put in your kitchen measurements and you can then start building your kitchen http://kitchenplanner.ikea.com/US/UI/Pages/VPUI.html



Before you get too far into designing your cabinet layout for your new Ikea kitchen...

When you measure your kitchen you want as much information as possible.  Be precise in your sinks location, but make sure you look for the plumbing/drain lines in the sink cabinet, they are often not exactly centered underneath the sink.  That could mean you have some wiggle room to move the sink in your new kitchen.


When measuring windows, take the measurement from the outside of the window trim so you make sure you do not put upper cabinets where the trim goes.  If you are installing new window trim be aware of the size you want. The ceiling height is important and you should take measurements in at least 5 different locations because no ceiling is perfectly level.  Take the lowest ceiling height as your measurement for the Ikea planner. Ikea does offer a fairly inexpensive measure service if you are unsure of your skills.


Click to find out Ikea’s measuring services near you. http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/service-offer/kitchen-installation/index.html


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