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Custom IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Doors Made Just For You



Dendra Doors always uses the highest quality natural wood veneers for our flush/slab doors. We use a specifically engineered plywood product  to make sure each natural wood veneer adheres perfectly smooth.    We always use natural wood veneers for our flush/slab Ikea cabinet doors.


Shaker Doors

Solid Poplar wood poplar wood is used for our shaker and raised panel doors.  We do not like using a MDF product with our doors because of how it behaves in the kitchen.  MDF is very susceptible to water damage.  If you chip a door that is made of MDF it is very hard to fix compared to the longevity of a solid wood door.  We want to provide you with the best quality doors we can.


Considering we use solid wood doors if you would like to stain or antique the doors yourself our doors are you best solution.  We typically make painted doors out of the Poplar wood, but we could do any species like oak or cherry which take stains very well.


IKEA Glass Doors

Custom shaker Ikea cabinet doors make it easy to insert any style glass you would like.  Clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, reed glass.... and lots of other options.


Dendra Doors Home Page and About Page can give you examples of these options.


Painted custom IKEA Doors

We use Devine paint as our standard colors for custom painted IKEA doors because they have a beautiful finish and timeless colors.  Visit www.devinecolor.com to view all their colors.


Let us know which samples or explorer cards you would like and we will get them shipped out to you for free.


The discovery cards an amazing way to explore color in your home, not only in your kitchen but any room.  You cut out the center of the card and hold the card up to any area in your home and colors that will work in your home will start to pop out at you like a pin ball machine lighting up.


Keep in mind we can use any other paint brand with our products if a Devine Color does not have the right color for you.








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